Startup Class is a 4-week event with entrepreneurship education and startup practice.

September 6-28, 2018

Bring in your creativity and ideas and solve a real business challenge. Start your venture in a supportive and inspiring environment. Get in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs, experts and mentors from various backgrounds.

We believe entrepreneurial thinking can change the world.


Broaden your perspective

Learn new concepts

Startup Class 2018 is an intensive hands-on, project-based course in which you will design and test new business concepts that address real-world needs.

During Startup Class you will go from concept to company over the course of 4 weeks. Our goal is to help your team identify unmet customer needs, create new products or services that meet those needs, and develop business models.

Think entrepreneurial

This course is appropriate for developing your startup in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Even if your team does not successfully launch a venture you will learn critical techniques about starting and launching a startup.

By the end of the course, your team will have developed, prototyped, and tested a novel product or service. This is a demanding course that pushes you but helps to navigate the challenges of developing an early-stage startup.

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Institute of Electronic Business e.V.

The Institute of Electronic Business e.V. (IEB) is an associated institute of the University of the Arts Berlin. Since 1999 the IEB transfers the latest findings from applied research to the economy.
The institute is a non-profit association and independent scientific expert that identifies market-related trends in the field of digital communication, recognizes challenges for companies and supports them with innovative solutions for their business decision making. By that the IEB helps its members and customers to be successful and remain competitive in times of rapid digital development.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer

BENHU – Berliner Entrepreneurship Netzwerk von Hochschulen und Unternehmen

BENHU strengthens Berlin as a location for foundation and innovation with the establishment of a joint network of universities and businesses. The aim is to integrate the entrepreneurial thinking and acting into higher education.

BENHU is a joint initiative of the Berlin School of Economics and Law Berlin and Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Therefore, technical innovations and innovations from the area of business model development and strategy (Corporate Entrepreneurship) are in focus.

Prof Dr. Sven Ripsas
Prof Dr. Sven Ripsas