Startup Class

Startup Class

is a 4-week event to boost your entrepreneurship skills. Bring in your creativity and ideas to solve a real business challenge. Get in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts from various backgrounds.

Startup Class is an intensive hands-on, project-based summer school in which you will design and test prototypes and develop new business models that address real-world needs.

Approved by Steve You will go from idea to solution over the course of 4 weeks. Our goal is to help your team identify unmet customer needs, create new products or services that meet those needs, and develop innovative business models. You will learn to think and act like an entrepreneur, a valuable skillset for YOUR career.

The best thing is: It's all for free!

Schedule Detail

We believe entrepreneurial thinking can change the world. By the end of the course, your team will have developed a prototype and tested a novel product or service. Also, you will learn and apply innovation methods like Design Thinking and Agile / Lean Business Development.

  • CISCO Networking Academy

    6 September, Thursday

    Team Building

    Get to know your team and start the venture
  • CISCO Networking Academy

    7 September, Friday


    Understand the challenge & meet the users
  • CISCO Networking Academy

    8 September, Saturday

    Problem Definition

    Empathise with the user & define problems
  • Siemens

    12 September, Wednesday


    Build your first digital or analog prototype
  • Siemens

    13 September, Thursday


    Test your prototype with users
  • Siemens

    14 September, Friday

    Lean Startup

    Build, measure, learn continuously
  • Siemens

    15 September, Saturday

    Startup Economics

    Align the numbers
  • Digitales Lernzentrum Berlin

    19 September, Wednesday

    UI & UX

    User Experience Design
  • Digitales Lernzentrum Berlin

    20 September, Thursday


    Build your sales channels
  • Digitales Lernzentrum Berlin

    21 September, Friday


    Build your venture identity
  • Digitales Lernzentrum Berlin

    22 September, Saturday

    Venture Teams

    What makes a great venture team?
  • Google for Entrepreneurs

    24 September, Monday

    Grow as a Team

    Incubation, Acceleration and VC
  • Google for Entrepreneurs

    25 September, Tuesday

    Grow as a Person

    Growth mindset and learning attitude
  • Google for Entrepreneurs

    26 September, Wednesday

    Final Event

    Celebrate and look ahead


Approved by Steve

Steve Blank is an entrepreneur and developer of the Customer Development method and launched the Lean Startup movement. This class is based on the Lean Launchpad class he teaches at Stanford, Berkeley and Columbia University. His best-known books are The Four Steps to the Epiphany and The Startup Owner's Manual.



Fundamentals of user-centred innovation and Design Thinking

Introduction to customer discovery and development

Value proposition and customer segments

Customer relationships, channels, exploration methods

Business models, prototyping methods, MVP

Agile development methods

Revenue model, resources and costs, startup metrics

User experience and user journey

Startup pitch

Startup culture and branding

German and international networks

Growth strategies and venture capital

Entrepreneurial mindset

Our Sponsors and Partners

These companies and institutions make Startup Class happen.

CISCO Networking Academy
Google for Entrepreneurs
Deutsche Bahn Smart City
Digitales Lernzentrum from facebook
Startup Incubator Berlin
Next Media Accelerator
START Berlin
Europäischer Sozialfond
Berliner Senat
Berlin School of Econmics and Law
Hamburg Media School
Institute of Electronic Business
Berliner Entrepreneurship Netzwerk von Hochschulen und Unternehmen
Berliner Volksbank
Industrie- und Handelskammer Berlin
Skubch and Company
Startup Night


Cisco openBerlin

openBerlin, Cisco Innovation Center
c/o EUREF-Campus 3 Magazingebäude

Startup Class Startup Class 2018 will begin at Cisco openBerlin. Each week, there will be another venue.


Meet startup founders, corporate innovators, and entrepreneurship enthusiasts at Startup Class.
The best thing: Your ticket is for free.

Grow your network

  • Meet startup founders
  • Meet innovative companies
  • Explore the Berlin innovation ecosystem

Solve a real challenge

  • Build a strong team
  • Collaborate with global companies
  • Bring in your strengths and entrepreneurial enthusiasm

Your Mentors and Experts

At Startup Class, you'll make your first steps as an entrepreneur and understand startup as well as corporate entrepreneurship. These people will show you how.

Sven Ripsas

Prof. Dr. Sven Ripsas

Entrepreneurship Education

Julia Derndinger

Julia Derndinger

die Gründertrainerin

Thomas Schildhauer

Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer

Society and Innovation

Arndt Schwaiger

Dr. Arndt Schwaiger

Digital Business Models

Stephan Weichert

Prof. Dr. Stephan Weichert

Digital Journalism

Mario Schwery

Mario Schwery

Lean Startup & Design Thinking

Meinolf Ellers

Meinolf Ellers


Kerstin Buschbeck

Kerstin Buschbeck

Startup Coaching

Henri Kühnert

Henri Kühnert

Venture Capital

Martin Talmeier

Martin Talmeier

Digitalisierung Mittelstand

Max von Grafenstein

Max von Grafenstein

Data Protection and Security

Rowan Barnett

Rowan Barnett

Google for Entrepreneurs

Sascha Brossmann

Sascha Brossmann

Design & Product Leadership

Simon Ueberheide

Simon Ueberheide

Startup Communications

Thomas Bachem

Thomas Bachem

CODE University

Christoph Sollich

Christoph Sollich

The Pitch Doctor

Dennis Kluge

Dennis Kluge

Digital Prototyping


Application for Startup Class 2018 is closed.


Not sure about Startup Class? These are a few of our frequently asked questions.

Startup Class is a project-based summer school where you'll learn to think and act entrepreneurial and acquire important business skills. You will go from idea to solution over the course of 4 weeks (3-4 days a week). Your goal will be to help identify unmet customer needs, create new products or services that meet those needs, and develop innovative business models.
No and no. You will solve a real business challenge that you can choose during Startup Class. Also, you do not need a team. Teams will be formed during Startup Class.
Click on the link 'Apply now' and fill out the form. Please tell us your motivation to join Startup Class. That's it, no further documents or certificates required. But make sure that you are able to commit for the full class.
In case we had more applications than places (around 60) we would pick the best applications based on motivations. We don't judge your motivation itself but rather check if there is an explanation and reason why you want to join Startup Class. All other personal data (such as birthday or field of study) will NOT be used to confirm or deny applications.
BENHU stands for 'Berliner Entrepreneurship Netzwerk von Hochschulen und Unternehmen' and strengthens Berlin as a location for startups and innovation with the creation of a joint network of universities and innovative businesses. The aim is to integrate entrepreneurial thinking into higher education. BENHU is a joint initiative of the Berlin School of Economics and Law Berlin and Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin; financially supported by the IHK Berlin. Technical innovations and innovations from the area of business model development and strategy (Corporate Entrepreneurship) are in the focus.

The Institute of Electronic Business e.V. (IEB) is an associated institute of the University of the Arts Berlin. Since 1999 the IEB transfers the latest findings from applied research to the economy.
The institute is a non-profit association and independent scientific expert that identifies market-related trends in the field of digital communication, recognizes challenges for companies and supports them with innovative solutions for their business decision making. By that the IEB helps its members and customers to be successful and remain competitive in times of rapid digital development.

About Us

Startup Class is a joint venture by Berlin School of Economics and Law, The Entrepreneurship Network of Universities and enterprises in Berlin (BENHU) and Institute of Electronic Business.

Berliner Entrepreneurship Netzwerk von Hochschulen und Unternehmen Institute of Electronic Business


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