Come join us in summer 2019

Startup Class is an intensive hands-on, project-based summer school in which you will design and test prototypes and develop new business models that address real-world needs.

We believe entrepreneurial thinking can change the world. Startup Class is a 4-week event to boost your creativity and teamwork skills.

Startup Class participants

Think and act
like an entrepreneur

By the end of the course, your team will have developed a prototype and tested a novel product or service. Also, you will learn and apply innovation methods like Design Thinking and Agile / Lean Business Development.

Bring in your creativity and ideas to solve a real business challenge. Get in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts from various backgrounds.

Startup Class plantYou will go from idea to solution over the course of 4 weeks. Our goal is to help your team identify unmet customer needs, create new products or services that meet those needs, and develop innovative business models. You will learn to think and act like an entrepreneur, a valuable skillset for your career.

Your benefits

Meet startup founders, corporate innovators and entrepreneurship enthusiasts at Startup Class.

Grow your network

Meet startup founders & innovative companies and explore the Berlin innovation ecosystem.

Learn business skills

Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Agile, corporate innovation, innovation accounting, venture financing and much more.

Solve a real challenge

Bring in your strengths and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Build a strong team and collaborate with global companies.

2018 was amazing

My experience at Startup Class proved to me my ability to become an entrepreneur.


Startup Class opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me.


Startup Class was an immersion into the skin of an entrepreneur. Mind blowing!


Take a look at the Startup Class 2018 website with all sponsors, partners, guests and speakers from last year.

Organizing Team

A team from Berlin University of the Arts and Berlin School of Economics and Law makes Startup Class 2019 happen.

Thomas Schildhauer Sven Ripss Christian Klang Julia Gunnoltz
Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer
Prof. Dr. Sven Ripsas
Christian Klang
Julia Gunnoltz

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