FAQ & Waiting List

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read them carefully. Click here to go to the application form directly.

What does Startup Class cost?

Nothing. Thanks to our partners and public funding, Startup Class is for free. All basic software we’ll use will be free for you. In the case of live events or meeting up with your team in person, you would need to cover transportation costs.

Really, no obligations?

Please make sure to be available on all days, 9 am – 5 pm, and have a quiet, undisturbed working area for yourself. A good wifi connection is important for all online sessions (collaboration, video conferences etc.). On some days, we’ll have events in the evening, too. We’ll also ask you to do some pre-Startup Class activities, such as printing and filling out some documents, installing software, recording a short video and answering to our emails. There is more in the application form, please read it carefully! Startup Class will be very intense, it’s not like any other summer school.

How are applications selected?

In case we have more applications than places available (around 40) we would select participants based on motivations. We had around 100 applications in the recent years. We look for an explanation and reasoning why you want to join Startup Class. All other personal information such as age, nationality or field of study (alumni or active students) will NOT be judged. Of course, you can also apply as an experienced employee or young professional.

Are there any ‘hard’ selection criteria?

Yes, two. First, you should have a valid postal address in the Berlin area (Berlin / Brandenburg) for the duration of Startup Class and before. We will send you material you’ll need for Startup Class and there will be occasions to meet up in person with your Startup Class team (of course, all current Covid-19 regulations apply).

Secondly, you should have your university studies finished or currently in progress (Bachelor, Master etc.) because Startup Class requires a minimum study background.

Do I need to bring a startup idea?

No. During Startup Class, you will work on a real challenge that you can choose during the first days of Startup Class. If you already have a vague startup idea (no matter in which area), you can use this as your Startup Class challenge. If your idea is already a bit more advanced and ready to be a business, Startup Class may not help you so much – please contact our incubation program at HWR in this case.

Do I need to bring a team?

You do not need a team. Teams will be formed during Startup Class. Of course, you can bring friends or team members.

I have an idea. What if I want to attend alone?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. For all the methods we’ll use, teamwork is required. So if you bring a business idea, we will match you up with team members. After Startup Class, you may decide to continue to work with them or not.

What if my idea is confidential?

In this case Startup Class may not be the right place to develop your idea further. We’ll discuss all ideas with coaches and experts, gather feedback and test prototypes. This process is very important during the ideation stage. If you are already done with the ideation phase, you may take the next step with the incubation program at HWR.

Join the waiting list

Application phase was open from 24th June until 22nd July and is now unfortunately closed. The waiting list is now closed, too. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us.