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Startup Class

Entrepreneurship Summer School in Berlin

The entrepreneurs' class

Startup Class is a project-based summer school where you’ll learn to think and act like an entrepreneur and acquire important business skills.

You and your team will go from idea to solution over an intense course. Your goal will be to help identify unmet needs and social challenges, create new products or services, and develop innovative and sustainable business models.
Workshop sessions
Develop a prototype and business model together with your team.
Coaching sessions
Coaches and experts will give you feedback and help you to focus on value creation.
Coworking sessions
Meet your team and develop innovative solutions together.
Discover the Berlin startup ecosystem and meet other startup enthusiasts.
Startup Class 2019
Solve a real problem

Your challenge

Gather a team of 3-5 people and start to solve one of the many challenges out there. As an entrepreneur, you strive to make an impact in the world.

Don't miss the deadline

Startup Class is organized and funded by Berlin School of Economics and Law, Startup Incubator Berlin and its partners. Apply for the program to participate.

Know the tools

By the end of the course, your team will have developed a prototype and tested a novel product or service. Also, you will learn and apply innovation methods like Design Thinking and Agile / Lean Business Development.

You will learn to think and act like an entrepreneur, a valuable skill-set for your career. Bring in your creativity and ideas to solve a real challenge. Get in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts from various backgrounds.
Design Thinking
User-centered methods help solving the right problems and build solutions people actually need.

Lean Startup
Make effective experiments and learn from them. Lean Startup is all about learning and progress.

Innovation Accounting
Startup metrics help you to focus and keep track of your progress. Master the numbers.

Prototypes help you to validate your ideas very quickly. Digital prototypes are perfect for remote testing and validating ideas for digital apps.

Entrepreneurial Thinking
Entrepreneurs change the way we work and live together. They dare to try the unknown. Are you ready?

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